Nowadays, due to the development of technology, environmental pollution is becoming more and more serious. In order to protect the environment, people pay more and more attention to the secondary recycling of waste. The dismantling of used appliances, the reduction of domestic waste treatment, the shredding of wood and other waste treatment, recycling these require large mechanized equipment processing. Twin-shaft shredder is the equipment developed according to the market demand, mainly used in the recycling of these waste processing.

shredder blades
Twin shaft shredder blades

Twin-shaft shredder, also known as shear shredder, through shear, tearing and extrusion to reduce the size of the material. It is mainly composed of crusher body, fixed knife, moving knife, bearing, seal and knife shaft. It is generally used to handle raw materials or edges that are not processed to make them finer in size.

Reasons for the shortened life of the shredder blade

  • First, bad weather, such as rain can make the twin-shaft shredder rust, as well as become bulky.
  • Second, different materials, there are many kinds of materials are brittle, medium-hard, and some are not in the range of the twin-shaft shredder shredding. When the twin-shaft shredder blade encounter not easy to break the material, it will greatly consume the life of the blade.
  • Third, there is no regular inspection and maintenance, some maintenance workers do not have the concept of time, lazy, they tend to forget to regularly check the maintenance of the twin-shaft shredder blade, the twin-shaft shredder is not responsible. The same is one of the important reasons for the shortened life of the twin-shaft shredder blades.

In addition, there are other details will make the twin shaft shredder blade life short, these need to pay sufficient attention to our actual production process, in order to effectively extend the service life of the twin shaft shredder blade. We know that any tool if only use without attention to maintenance will also greatly shorten its service life, but if we learn to reasonably repair and maintain it can greatly extend its service life.

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How to improve the life of twin shaft shredder blades
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