Harvest Machinery is a professional manufacturer dedicated to the design and manufacture of cost effective shredding equipment and recycling systems for waste tires or rubber, scrap cars or metals, electronic scrap, industrial hazardous waste, wood, plastics and municipal waste.

Our experienced technical team and professional after-sales service team can ensure the most timely installation, commissioning and training work in our customers’ workshops. Our mission is to provide our customers with the best recycling solutions through the best quality service and technology!

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Tire Shredding Machine

Harvest Machinery has many years of experience in the supply of tire recycling machinery. We offer tire shredders of all sizes and have installation sites around the world. Whether you are just starting a tire recycling business or need to shred millions of tires each year, we have a system ...
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Tire Recycling Plant

Harvest Machinery offers a complete line of tire shredders and recycling equipment, which are designed to process scrap tires for recycling and reuse in a variety of applications. With years of experience developing equipment that provides high quality rubber from scrap tires, Harvest tire shredders and ancillary equipment provide cost-effective ...
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The rasper also called grater is specially designed for secondary shredding and steel separation of tires. It can process and produce chip-free chips from 10 to 30 mm, where the steel wire is separated by the file and attracted by the magnet. The grinding blades are D2 steel, made of ...
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The Granulator is designed to grind rubber mulch from the rasper into small particles as fine as 1mm. The granules are screened and recirculated until the desired size is reached. Due to the design of the granulator and the precise alignment of the blades, the granulator produces very uniform cut ...
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The miller can grind 1-6mm granules into 30-120 mesh fine rubber powder as needed. It is easy to operate and the high speed grinding disc runs continuously. Tire miller for rubber powder The final station of tire recycling involves fine grinding or milling, a process that extracts material from the ...
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Applications for shredded tires

Let us look at some of the most lucrative applications:

  • Ground rubber – Produced by grinding scrap tires into small pieces of various sizes. Some of the most common applications include landscaping mulch, rubber-modified asphalt and rubber products and mats
  • Tire-derived fuel – It is a cleaner, more attractive alternative to coal and is widely used in pulp and paper mills, power plant boilers and cement kilns.
  • Civil Engineering – The civil engineering industry is increasingly choosing shredded tires to replace clay or sand in road and landfill construction, septic fields, landfill cover and many other construction jobs.

Main features of Harvest tire recycling equipment

  • The double-shaft shredder adopts inlaid knives to improve production efficiency and reduce investment;
  • The two-step tooth cutting system combining crushing and steel wire grinding separates rubber and steel wire;
  • Adopt double magnetic separation steel wire separation equipment to improve work efficiency, reduce unclean separation, and improve steel wire recycling effect;
  • The rubber powder system is a specially designed slope stepped shear structure, equipped with alloy steel cutters, which improves the shearing effect and reduces maintenance costs;
  • Adopt multi-point fiber dust removal, and gradually remove fiber and dust in multiple modules of the system;
  • Modular design of the whole system, which can expand or add or reduce functional modules according to production requirements;
  • The system is equipped with a spray fire prevention system to ensure safe production.

Choosing the right equipment

Choosing the right tire shredder equipment is one of the most important decisions you will make when building a tire shredding business. You can choose from a wide range of options for tire shredders on the market today. From assembly units to fully automated machines, you can choose the best equipment for your budget and your budget.

There are some important things to keep in mind when choosing a tire shredder for your business:

  • The machine should be heavy duty and rugged so that it can handle heavy operations
  • It should be efficient and cost effective
  • The complete line should have the ability to reuse or process scrap tires
  • The equipment should include parts such as shredders, granulators and millers

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