Horticulturalists choose rubber mulch because it breaks down slowly and requires little maintenance. Rubber sheets on the ground are often laid under playground equipment to provide a cushioned landing spot for active children. Mulch is made from flammable petroleum products and can leach out heavy metals such as aluminium and zinc, which can affect plants and sometimes lead to death. Rubber mulch within five feet of your home poses a serious fire hazard. You can remove unwanted rubber mulch and replace it with an organic mulch substitute, such as hardwood mulch. You may be able to donate and recycle unwanted mulch.

How to remove old rubber mulch

  • Use a broad broom rake to rake the grass or surrounding patio or walkway and drag any free rubber mulch back into the rest of the mulch.
  • Tie rubber mulch around any low branches in the flower bed and use soft twine to avoid damaging the plants.
  • Use a small spatula to dig up a small portion of the rubber mulch until you find the soil to determine the depth of the mulch.
  • Scoop up the mulch with a wide shovel or flat spatula. Place the spatula under the mulch and advance in a straight line through the soil, scooping up as much of the mulch as possible. Scoop the soil away rather than digging it up, as disturbing the soil will make it harder to remove the mulch.
  • Place the rubber mulch in a cart or garden cart.
  • Use a broom rake to rake the remaining mulch into a pile and remove any soil and plant material.
  • Pick up each pile of mulch with a flat spatula. Continue raking and picking up small piles of mulch until the soil is bare.
  • Lightly stroke the exposed soil with a bow rake to loosen any rubber lumps that are pressed into the soil. You can pick up the pieces by hand, or use a broom rake to rake the pieces into a pile.

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What to do with old rubber mulch

  • Contact your local recycling center or rubber products manufacturer to provide/sell clean rubber sheets.
  • Discard the mulch at a waste treatment center.
  • Ask your friends and family if they would like to have your rubber mulch.
  • Sell them on recycling websites.
  • Use it to fill DIY outdoor beanbags, pillows, and other gadgets.
  • Recycle it and use it in your landscape.
  • Add it to your compost and let it continue to decompose so you can reuse it in a different way. Chop it up as much as you can before adding it so it breaks down faster.

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How to dispose of old rubber mulch
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