The rasper also called grater is specially designed for secondary shredding and steel separation of tires. It can process and produce chip-free chips from 10 to 30 mm, where the steel wire is separated by the file and attracted by the magnet. The grinding blades are D2 steel, made of the highest quality steel and heat treated in the body shell for optimum shredding performance. The sharpening capacity is 300kg to 6000kg per hour.

Rasper for Secondary Tire Shredding


VoltageAs per requestAs per requestAs per requestAs per requestAs per requestAs per request
Cutting chamber697*1562742*1200550*1000550*800450*80045-*600
Equipment dimensions mm6217*2168*35612010*2562*41102095*2180*41051995*1980*41051720*1730*23161400*1200*2260
Hopper opening1726*877*9061412*902*14101182*700*1255982*700*1255922*580*916722*580*916
Equipment weight24000kg6100kg4200kg3500kg1850kg1700kg
Final product10-30mm10-30mm10-30mm10-30mm10-30mm10-30mm

Main features

  • Manufacturing and design of the rotor for minimum wear.
  • Easy-to-change blades and screens making it possible to maintain the machine efficiently.
  • Flexible production with screens of different apertures.
  • Internal wear surfaces lined with replaceable wear liners that are easily replaced as they wear out. This unique feature of the tire recycling machine eliminates the need for maintenance welding and extends machine uptime.

Rasper Processing

  • TDS rough shreds Reduced to 3/4’’-1’’ minus chips/rubber mulch
  • Graters are low RPM, high torque, powerful shredders with re-circulating features
  • Can process up to 12 tons/hour of input

Rasper Markets

  • Scrap Tire Rubber Market
  • Useful for other Waste Markets

Rasper Benefits

  • Quickly Reduces TDS rough shred Stockpiles
  • You can get wire free rubber mulch easily

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