The tyre shredder is a mechanical device used to cut tyres and rubber into fine pieces or rubber powder. Whole tyres are difficult to process directly due to the steel wire and large size. Therefore most tyre recycling projects require a tyre shredder. It is an excellent tyre recycling pre-processing machine. Feel free to contact us for competitive tyre shredder prices.

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Working Principle of Tyre Shredder

The motor drives the knife plate in the crushing chamber through the transmission system, then the tyres with outer diameter ≤Φ1200mm which have been removed from the lip steel ring are fed into the feeding hopper of the machine by conveyor, the tyres enter the crushing chamber through the feeding hopper, the knife plate crushes the tyres by shearing and tearing, during the crushing process, the materials less than or equal to 50×50(mm) leak out from the round mesh screen and enter the subsequent process. Materials larger than 50 x 50 mm are returned to the crushing chamber through the circular tumbler screen for circular crushing until the size of the rubber block meets the requirements and is discharged from the crusher.

Advantages of Tyre Shredder Machine

  • The machine can crush large pieces of difficult powder, baskets, tubes, plates, wood, tyres, waste metal drums and large rolls of film;
  • The combination of a precision machined frame for extra thick plates, a strong rotating shaft with a large angle hexagonal column and a large diameter solid input hopper allows for the safe input of large materials;
  • Unique rotary knife design and processing in terms of thickness, shape and sequence, with strong shearing force and sharp blade; Low speed operation, low noise and low dust;
  • The knives are made of special alloy steel for durability.

How do you dispose of your old tyres?

Recycle, incinerate or retread? The 2006 EU Landfill Directive caused a tyre recycling boom. Today, around 87% of used tyres are diverted from landfill sites in Europe. 34% are recycled, 32% are incinerated for energy production and the remainder are sent for retreading.

Recycling is not the only way to dispose of tyres. Old tyres can be used as leisure and exercise equipment in schools, sports clubs and even zoos! They can also be reused as benches, planters and water play trays as a whole and broken down into many things.

Your local municipal recycling centre will usually collect your private car tyres for a small fee. There may be limits to the amount and frequency with which you can dispose of them.

Some garages will also recycle old tyres when they are fitted with new ones, usually for a fee. There are also tyre recycling centres, but make sure you check that they are fully licensed.

Can you make money shredding tires?

Well, despite the fact that recycled tyres have so many uses, thousands of garages don’t make the most of their waste, especially tyres. You can shred old tyres and reuse them in many different ways, from playground surfaces to pavements; instead of putting them in factories or garages, which not only take up space but are highly susceptible to fires. By selling shredded tyres, you will be able to earn some income and do your bit for the environment by recycling.

What could my tyres be recycled into?

  • Rubberized concrete for roads – roads with rubber crack 90% less than roads made with normal concrete. Typically lasting 60 – 90 years
  • Alternative fuel to coal and oil – cement companies can burn rubber as part of the cement making process or for boiler fuels. Much cleaner burning than oil and coal
  • Projects within the civil engineering and construction industry
  • Shoes, bags, belts, furniture, flooring
  • Asphalt laying – roads, playgrounds, athletic fields and tracks

Tyre recycling benefits

  • It reduces the amount of new material needed to manufacture new tyres or other rubber products.
  • It reduces the amount of energy needed to produce new tyres and rubber products, in turn reducing the production of greenhouse gases.
  • It reduces air, land and water pollution caused by tyres dumped in landfills or the natural landscape.

Responsible tyre recycling comes with a range of other benefits to the environment. It also reduces the risk of discarded, highly combustible tyres catching fire in storage and releasing toxic chemicals.

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