Tire recycling plant cost is the first concern of most investors. The cost of the production line can range from $10,000 to $300,000, depending on the materials produced and the machine chosen. How to choose a high quality tire recycling equipment? How to reduce costs? If you want to have a discount, contact Harvest Machinery now!

Harvest is an experienced manufacturer of tire recycling machine. We provide tire recycling services to customers in more than 20 countries including the UK, India, Turkey and South Africa. With rich experience, we can save you money and time.

Simple Tire Recycling Plant For Sale

Tire Recycling Plant For Rubber Granules Making

Tire Recycling Plant For Rubber Powder Making

HARVEST Machinery’s Excellent Services

  • Design installation drawings according to customer’s site conditions.
  • 1 year warranty, engineers can provide service at any time.
  • Regular call back and we will make sure there is no problem with the equipment.
  • According to the different situation of your factory, design specific maintenance plan.
  • For each set of machines, Harvest technicians will be assigned to direct the installation, test the machines and train the workers.
  • In addition, we will provide the service for all our customers for one month.

How to Lower Your Tire Recycling Plant Cost?

Find a top-of-the-line tire recycling machine. Tire recyclers such as those mentioned above can be very useful. A high quality tire recycler will save you money and time in the long run. In this way, operating costs will be reduced. At the same time, we have made improvements in many details to extend the service life and reduce maintenance costs.

Find a manufacturer that specializes in recycling used tires. They can provide you with a cost-effective business plan for a tire recycling plant, as well as a comprehensive service. In addition, an experienced supplier can also help you save a lot of time from procurement to installation.

The market for tire recycling is promising

At the same time, waste tires pose unique challenges for recycling and disposal because they are heavy, bulky and made of a variety of materials. The use of old tires is becoming a pressing problem in many countries.

What are the current recycling methods?

Generally speaking, there are three main types of tire waste recycling, namely, tire derived fuel, ground rubber applications and civil engineering. In the first application, burning tires releases a compound known as pyrolytic oil, which can be used as a cleaner and more economical alternative to coal as a fuel for paper mills, industrial boilers, and so on. Applications of floor rubber include new rubber products, playground and other sport surfaces, and rubber-modified asphalt. In civil engineering, these tire fragments are usually chopped up and then used in road and landfill construction, septic tank leachate field, etc.

Of these three ways, though, incineration can help reduce reliance on fossil fuels and keep used tires out of landfills. But because of its inefficiency and emissions, it is far from ideal. Compared to other applications, the current effect of tire crumb is better. For those looking to start a tire recycling business, there may be concerns about the market. In fact, recycled rubber is widely used in many fields, such as sports fields, automotive industry, construction, geotechnical/asphalt applications, adhesives and sealants, shock absorbers and safety products, rubber and plastic products.

How much does a tire recycling plant cost?
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