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What is Tyre Shredder Machine?

The tire shredder is specially designed for the shredding and recycling of waste tires, which can shred the waste tires of various vehicles into rubber blocks to facilitate future transportation and recycling, so that its recycling costs are significantly reduced. The purpose is to increase the output and efficiency.

Tire shredder can shear the waste tires as well as shredding, and tires can be used for smelting oil and production of recycled rubber, before the need to manually cut it off, and then in the shredder for shredding, very low efficiency. The tire shredder only needs to put the whole tire directly into it, it can tear and shred into small pieces of material out, very convenient and efficient.

Price of Tire Shredding Machine

tire shredder is also divided into models, different models, its output, discharge size, crushing cavity, etc. are different, the price will naturally also exist variability, so the user in the purchase of scrap tire shredder, according to the nature of the material, output, discharge size to choose the right model. If you want to know more information about the offer, please feel free to consult us!

  • Material to be crushed: including size, composition, etc.
  • Output requirements: how many tons per hour crushing output want to reach?
  • Size of the crushed material.

How do Tire Shredders Work?

Tire shredder uses two sets of rotors equipped with shredder blades in the equipment cavity relative rotation so as to use the principle of contraction of the two axes of the angle of extrusion of the material into the cavity, due to the special design of the blades into the two axes of the angle of the material is fixed by the angles of the blades to further create conditions for the contraction of the angle, in the material force to reach the material yield strength of the material between the blades began to fracture, so as to complete the shredding effect

Applications of Tire Shredder

1. Save transportation cost and landfill cost.

Some of the garbage in life is very big, for example: furniture garbage, wood garbage. If we transport them directly to the landfill, where the transportation costs are very expensive. Many people think that the landfill does not charge, in fact, is a misunderstanding, we usually pay the garbage fee has included the cost of paying the landfill, and in the United States, the landfill is paid according to the volume of garbage, in other words, the larger the volume of your garbage, the more you pay, because, the United States will first dispose of the garbage will be crushed to achieve the purpose of saving money.

2. Recycling rubber waste.

In fact, many rubber products in our lives can be recycled and reused. As long as we shred it into small enough particles, we can put it into the extruder to melt and then extrude it. But the key point is that the rubber waste particles used for feeding must be small enough, because the extrusion granulation process before the process generally has to crush the tires and other rubber products first. People’s lives now can not live without cars, so it will produce a lot of tire rubber waste, tire recycling is a large market. And tire shredder is a good helper for the recycling of rubber products.


  1. The rubber shredder has the features of low speed, high torque, low noise, etc. It adopts PLC control system, which can be controlled automatically, with start, stop, reverse and overload automatic reversing control function.
  2. Motor + reducer drive knife shaft, to achieve low speed and high torque shear effect.
  3. Bearing six seals, effective waterproof and dustproof, prolong the service life of the bearings.
  4. Tool wear and tear using tool welding repair technology to achieve multiple reuse of the tool, greatly reducing the maintenance costs of the tool.
  5. Split case design, the entire tool shaft (shaft, blade, bearing, sealing system) can be removed easily and quickly.
  6. The tools are arranged in a spiral line to achieve efficient cutting.
  7. Tool bore and spindle surface are hexagonal design, to achieve uniformity of force on the tool.
  8. According to the different materials to be shredded and the shape of the product, different types of tools can be selected.

Scrap Tyre Recycling In Nigeria

Thousands of tons of waste plastic products and rubber products (e.g. old tires) are discarded in Nigeria every year. Such a large amount of municipal solid waste, if not properly disposed of, can cause serious environmental pollution to our air, water and land and affect people’s health.

In the traditional way, scrap tires are often retreaded and exported overseas for reuse, or processed into shreds for use in manufacturing surfaces and into chips for use as solid fuels. Today, by recycling products, we can contribute to solving environmental pollution, alleviating energy shortages and creating significant economic benefits.

Tire recycling or rubber recycling is the process of recovering vehicle tires that are no longer suitable for use on vehicles due to wear or irreparable damage, such as punctures. These tires are one of the largest and most problematic sources of waste because of their high volume and durability, and because they contain many components of ecological concern. It is estimated that 259 million tires are discarded each year. The same characteristics that make scrap tires a problem, their cheap availability, size and resilience, also make them attractive targets for recycling.

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