The Granulator is designed to grind rubber mulch from the rasper into small particles as fine as 1mm. The granules are screened and recirculated until the desired size is reached. Due to the design of the granulator and the precise alignment of the blades, the granulator produces very uniform cut and high quality pellets. During the granulation process, 99% of the fibers are removed, leaving impurity-free crumb rubber pellets ready for further processing or sale.

Granulator for rubber crumb tire

For rubber processing, the granulator is usually the third station in the tire recycling series. At this stage, the wire-free wire is processed from the secondary chopper into the granulator and then further crushed into uniform particles, removing all steel and fibers. These shredders are high-speed knife mills that reduce the feedstock to a certain particle size.

This machine is the starting point for fiber removal and extraction. Passenger tires typically contain 10-15% by weight of nylon or polyester fabric. The output of the granulator is typically 3/8″-400 microns (0.400 mm) of crumb rubber. Although there are many similarly designed granulators on the market today, look for a granulator specifically designed for the type of material to be processed.


Motor specificationsElectric-SiemensElectric-SiemensElectric-Siemens
Power90 kW45 kW37 kW
VoltageAs per requestAs per requestAs per request
Cutting chamber L*W742*1200 mm580*1000 mm580*800 mm
Equipment Dimensions2150*2250*2950 mm1765*1900*2435 mm1765*1660*2435 mm
Equipment weight5600 kg3300 kg2950 kg
Hopper opening L*W*H895*1434*1160 mm602*994*916 mm602*794*916 mm
Capacity800-1500 kg/h500-800 kg/h300-500 kg/h
Final product1-6 mm1-6 mm1-6 mm

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