The miller can grind 1-6mm granules into 30-120 mesh fine rubber powder as needed. It is easy to operate and the high speed grinding disc runs continuously.

Tire miller for rubber powder

The final station of tire recycling involves fine grinding or milling, a process that extracts material from the cover or raw rubber stage and reduces it to 2-0.177 mm (2000-177 microns) of rubber powder as needed. At this station, a fine grinding mill will process and recirculate the crumb rubber until a clean rubber powder is obtained.


Motor SpecificationsElectric-Siemens
Power30 kW*4
Voltageas per request
Equipment Dimensions L*W*H2404*1100*1093 mm
Equipment Weight500 kg
Capacity400-600 kg/h
Final Product30-120 mesh

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