If you are in the tyre recycling business, I am sure you need a high efficiency and low cost tyre shredder, which is an important pre-processing machine in the waste tyre recycling process. It can shred all kinds of rubber tyres into small pieces such as car tyres, tractor tyres, aircraft tyres, wheelbarrow tyres, bicycle tyres etc. It is widely used in waste tyre recycling plants and waste tyre pyrolysis plants.

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Applications of Tyre Rubber

  • Sports venue laying: running track, school playground, swimming pool and garden path, sidewalk, bowling alley, kindergarten playground and recreation, tennis court and basketball court, etc.
  • Automotive industry: belts, train MATS, brake disc belts, car and truck floors, brake bushings, sealing belts, buffers, shock absorbers, etc.
  • Construction/equipment: adhesives, sealants, medical equipment, insulating rubber material, carpet liner, used brake surface, molding products, etc.
  • Civil engineering/asphalt: drains, filters, soil conditioning, road mulching, racetracks, railway crossings, etc.
  • Recycled rubber production: used for the production of various rubber products.
  • Oil/gas industry: used for the pyrolysis of fuel oil, carbon black and flammable gases.

Tire shredding process

  • Automatic wire pulling machine: removal of tyre rims.
  • Conveyor equipment: conveyor belt, spiral conveyor and air pressure transfer system.
  • Tyre shredder: shredding tyres into film (50mm-150mm).
  • Steel wire separator: separates rubber and steel wire and processes them into rubber granules (10mm-20mm).
  • Magnetic separator: separates the steel wire from the rubber-wire mixture.
  • Rubber granulator: crushes the rubber granules to a smaller size (1mm-7mm).
  • Vibrating screen: sorting of rubber granules of different sizes, oversized granules are sent back to the crusher for secondary crushing.
  • Fibre separator: to remove foreign matter and fibres.
  • Secondary magnetic separator: removes any fine steel wires that may remain.
  • Miller: grinds the granules into a powder (30 mesh-100 mesh).
  • Fully automatic bagging system: to put the finished product into storage bags or packaging bags.

The tyre shredding line can be matched according to the user’s special requirements for the finished product. The fineness of the material can be up to 120 mesh, which can be adjusted according to the fineness requirements.

Tire Recycling Plant For Rubber Granules/Rubber Powder Making

Tyre Recycling South Africa

In 2011, it was estimated that 60 million old tyres could be found on South African soil, which is more tyres than people. With 11 million new tyres entering the market each year and a recovery rate of only 4 per cent, the situation is a growing social problem. This linear economic model is not only a waste of raw materials; informal disposal methods, such as incineration, exacerbate the damage to the ecological environment and threaten human health. It is also a financial headache for dealers, who must find space to store old tires and pay to remove them.

In order to kick-start the widespread recycling of used tyres, the South African government approved the REDISA Integrated Industrial Waste Tyre Management Scheme in 2012.

A charge of R2.30 (EUR 0.14) per kg is imposed on all new tyre rubber, with the proceeds being used to set up an infrastructure for tyre collection and de-recycling and to cover its management costs. The scheme is managed by REDISA (South African Recycling and Economic Development Initiative), an independent body.

To facilitate collection and recycling, REDISA has built a network of shippers and a series of warehouses where tyres can be stored. As required, the shipper collects used tires from registered dealers. They then deliver the tyres to the warehouse and are paid for the number of tyres they deliver. From the warehouse, the used tires are sent to a processing center, where they are turned into new products or energy. Within 3 years, REDISA has increased the recovery rate of new tires from a baseline of 4% to more than 60%.At the same time, more than 200 small and medium enterprises, including cooperatives of shippers, car owners and microcollectors, have been set up to implement the scheme.

Tyre Shredder Machine for Sale South Africa
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